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Round 8 report
Thursday, 15 September 2011
 In the 8th round of Women’s FIDE Grand Prix four games were scored. After 3,5 hours 5 outmatches were finished, although the last game between Elina Danielian and Munguntuul Bathhuyag took all audience. After five and half hours of playing Armenian Elina Danielian managed to win. Hou Yifan defeated Viktorija Cmilyte while another leader Ruan Lufey lost the game against her compatriot Zhao Xue.  Ju Wenjun was stronger in the game against Betul Yildiz. Two other games Zhu Chen – Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, Anna Muzychuk – Tam Zhongyi were drawn. After 8 rounds World Champion Hou Yifan became a sole leader half a point ahead of another Chinese player Zhao Xue, placed second. Anna Muzychuk and Ruan Lufei share the third place. Tomorrow there will be the second rest day and all players will go to visit different schools in Shenzhen. The 9th round will start at 3 p.m. local time on 17th of September. IMG_2291.jpg Betul Yildiz – Ju Wenjun 0-1
Sicilian Defense was played in the game. White received quite comfortable position in the opening. In the middle game Black lost a chance to get better position after 22…Ne5 but found good attacking recourses in the endgame and managed to win.
Betul Yildiz: White got quite good position, we prepared this opening before but not exactly before that game.  I made a mistake afterwards – I took on d6 too early, maybe I had to wait a little bit.
Ju Wenjun: The position was very complicated from the opening. I didn’t see Ne5, I was calculating Rd8 only. I think my opponent could have played better after we changed the rooks.

 IMG_2300.jpg Anna Muzychuk – Tan Zhongyi 1/2 – 1/2
Petrov’s Defense was played in the game. White got an advantage in the endgame but didn’t manage to convert an extra pawn into more in the endgame with opposite color bishops and rooks.
Tan Zhongyi: I don’t have much experience how to play in that opening. After the castle I didn’t know hot to react. My opponent should not play Rb3, instead she could choose the move Rb1 and it seems to be better for her.
Anna Muzychuk: I`m not sure about the possibility Rb1 because in some variations my pawn on f5 was hanging. Maybe I could have tried other variations but I don’t think it would cause a big difference compare to what happened in the game. After Be6 Bb6 Kg2 I had a problem with my rook on f1. If I was able not to exchange the rook but bring it into the game then the position could become better for me. I didn’t have time to do it because in some variations my king can be in danger after Rd2.

IMG_2361.jpgHou Yifan -Viktorija Cmilyte 1-0
Sicilian Defense, Dragon Variation happened in the game. Black decided to sacrifice a pawn in the opening but didn’t manage to get enough compensation. After Rfc8 Black lost a material and could not defend their position.
Viktorija Cmilyte: Well I made a mistake in the opening and Hou Yifan didn’t really give me a chance to survive. After b5 g5 I’m just a pawn down but Rc8 loses three pawns. Instead of b5 there were many other normal moves, it’s a theoretical position.
Hou Yifan: b5 is a really interesting idea and maybe Black can have some compensation. After we changed Queens I’m not sure if Black got enough compensation or not. Probably White have slightly better position. Of course Rfc8 is a huge mistake.

DSC_9651.JPGZhao Xue - Ruan Lufey 1-0
Slav Defense was played in the game. White received slightly better position in the opening. Black chose a wrong plan Nb6, Ne7, e5 in the middle game and  could not hold their postion.
Ruan Lufey: I played two bad moves Ne7 and Nb6 . I don’t know why I played Ne7, I think I have to play f5, Nf6 and actually I was planning to do it.  After Ne7 Bb1 I should play Bc8 or something else but I chose Nb6 and I think the position is lost after that.
Zhao Xue: I decided to play this variation it’s a popular line nowadays.  I think 12.a6 is not a good move; probably 12.a5 is a normal move. After I played b4 I think I might have a little advantage in the opening. I agree with my opponent – she had to play f5, maybe White still have better position but I`m not sure. After Nb6 I understood I have a very big edge and my position should be winning.
DSC_9749.JPGMunguntuul Bathhuyagh – Elina Danielian 0-1
Caro-Kann defense was played in the game. Elina Danielian could get worse position after possible line 17. Rf4 Qg5 (Qe118. Kg2 Qe5 19. Rh4 g6 20. Bg5 and White have a big advantage) 18. Qg3 Qg3 19. hg.  In the endgame White lost the game by playing 80.Bg5, instead of it 80. Ke1 which was giving chances for a draw.
Elina Danielian: I don’t think White had a draw in the endgame but of course I have to check it, it seemed to me her king and bishop could not hold the position.
Munguntuul Bathhuyagh: I believe there was a draw in the end, probably I made a mistake. In the middle game I think Black could play 33…Qf4 immediately after 33.Rf4.

 IMG_2311.jpg Zhu Chen - Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 1/2 – 1/2
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: I saw b4 but I thought it’s not the most dangerous line for Black. I’m not satisfied with myself because I didn’t play d4 immediately. I was trying to prevent White’s activity but nevertheless she got some interesting play. I feel the “hand” of Alexander Morozevich in her last games, so I was a little bit scared to go to complications. Alexander is my favorite chess player.
Zhu Chen: Yes, after half a year training I learn something from him but now people try to find his sign in every game which comes from my hand (laughing).  I chose a very interesting line but after she played b5, probably computer will show better plan for White. I didn’t see the better way. I thought the move 20.Ne4 was a good one but I lost the idea of Black to play 20…Qd4 immediately. I’m not sure how I have to play after 20…Qd4.

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