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Round 7 report
Thursday, 15 September 2011
In the 7th round two out of five players from the leading group managed to win today – Hou Yifan defeated Tan Zhongyi and Ruan Lufey was stronger in the game against Betul Yildiz. All other games were finished with drawish results. Viktorija Cmilyte missed some chances to win in the game against Zhao Xue. Three other games Ju Wenjun – Munguntuul Bathhuyagh, Anna Muzychuk – Zhu Chen and Elina Danielian finished peacefully. After 7 games World Champion Hou Yifan and silver medallist of the World Championship share the first place half a point ahead of Zhao Xue and Anna Muzychuk, who share the third place in the tournament. DSC_9050.jpgAnna Muzychuk – Zhu Chen 1/2 – 1/2.
Tarrash Variation in French Defense was chosen in the game. Black managed to equalize the position and transferred the game into rook ending.
Zhu Chen: It was a complicated rook endgame, not just a draw. Maybe White had slightly better position. Bb4 is an idea of Morozevich. The plan is to exchange the bishop and receive about equal position.
Anna Muzychuk: I played this line because it’s quite safe variation for White and I also think I’m slightly better in the ending.  Instead of Bb4, Qd1 was played more often, so after Bb4 my preparation was finished. I was even calculated such moves like Ke2 which looks a little bit strange but maybe also possible. That endgame seemed to be a little bit better for White but after Black played f5, h5 I don’t know how to improve my position. I think we could have finished the game earlier if there would not be no-draw rule.

IMG_2217.jpgElina Danielian – Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 1/2 – 1/2
Elina Danielian: The preparation finished after the first move - it didn’t even start today (laughing). I think my move 16.Nc5 was not a good one – there were many different moves and I was trying to choose the best one. I think Qd2 was better but still I’m not sure. After she played h4 in the knight endgame I could try to play Kd4 and change b-pawn on g-pawn but I don’t think White can fight for more than draw in that position as well.
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: I think I’ve got everything I could get by playing Black today, so I was satisfied with my position. Maybe my opponent could choose 16.Qd2 but after 5 hours of playing I don’t know what I should play after. I was thinking to play gf after Bf6 at least my hand wanted to make that move. I’m not satisfied with myself in one moment only – when I made a mistake and had to fight for draw. At least after the first time control I managed to bring together myself and didn’t panic.

IMG_2241.jpgViktorija Cmilyte – Zhao Xue 1/2 -1/2
Nimzo-Indian Defence happened in the game. The position in the middle game became very complicated but White missed some chances to get the position to win the game after 40. Bf1 and in the endgame, rook against bishop and knight.
Viktorija Cmilyte: One of the critical moments was when I played Bg2. It was the 40th move,  I had some seconds at that moment. Instead I could play Rd7. At least I would get the same position but with a pawn up. Maybe there was something better.  The endgame Rook against two pieces should be very winning as well. The critical plan for Black in that endgame was to play b5-b4 but Black didn’t follow it and White got a big advantage.
Zhao Xue: I felt the position was very dangerous for me but under the time trouble I think my opponent missed some chances. After a5 and Ba6 my position was already good but then I miscalculated something.

IMG_2211.jpgRuan Lufey – Yildiz Betul 1-0
Vienna Game was chosen by Ruan Lufey today. Black managed to get a solid position but didn’t play accurately afterwards and let White to receive better chances. White played precisely and managed to use a weak position of Black’s Queen.
Betul Yildiz: Normally my opponent plays 2.Nf3 but today she chose Nc3 in the opening. I played this line during the European championship. I think I was holding the position but after Ne5 I’ve got some problems. My Queen didn’t have space.
Ruan Lufey: I played the line with Nc3 for the first time. I saw her game in this variation. I think I got better position but then I lost some time. Maybe I had to play more active - f4-f5. I had to try to open her position because her pieces are still far from the center. After I played Nd5 and after she made an exchange on h3 I think she can keep the position.  When my opponent played f5 I thought I could play Bh6 but it was impossible. I made miscalculation and position was not good for me after that.

IMG_2276.jpgJu Wenjun – Munguntuul Bathhuyagh 1/2 – 1/2
Slav Defense happened in the game. White managed to receive slightly better position but didn’t find the way how to improve their position and transferred the game to the equal ending. Munguntuul Bathhuyagh: After the opening the position should be about equal. I made a mistake by playing Re8, instead of it I could have played Qd7 immediately and then continue to play Rd8 and threaten her pawn on d4. I think my position was dangerous after Bc2, maybe I could have played more precisely, more strong. 
Ju Wenjun: After Bc2 I think I had slight advantage because her king can be in danger in some moments. My opponent defended very solid; at least I didn’t see how I could improve my position, so we moved to the endgame which was equal.

Tan Zhongyi – Hou Yifan 0-1
Catalan Defense was played in the game. Black avoided the line which happened in the game Zhao Xue-Hou Yifan and managed to get a comfortable position. 
Hou Yifan: Maybe my opponent want me to continue the same line as I played with Zhao Xue before but I wanted to play the game, so I changed the line. It was unclear opening and I’m not sure but maybe my position after Bc5 is ok for me with chances to get some slight advantage in the future. I had an easy play but my opponent had problems with her knights, maybe she could have tried to play f4 earlier.
Tan Zhongyi: I prepared for Queens-Indian Defense today and I didn’t expect this variation. I should not play Nc3 and of course my move f4 was losing.

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