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Round 5 report
Tuesday, 13 September 2011
After five games the group of players shares the first place in Women Grand Prix – 4 Chinese  players Hou Yifan, Zhao Xue, Tan Zhongyi, Ruand Lufei and Slovenian player Anna Muzychuk have the same 3, 5 points. Four games were scored today: Betul Yildiz blundered in one move and was defeated by her opponent Tan Zhongyi. Ruan Lufei was stronger in the game against Ekaterina Kovalevskaya. Armenian player Elina Danielian and Mongolian player Munguntuul Bathhuyagh won their first games in the tournament against Ju Wenjun and Viktorija Cmilyte accordingly. Other two games Hou Yifan - Zhu Chen, Anna Muzychuk – Zhao Xue were drawn today.

IMG_2067.jpgTan Zhongyi – Betul Yildiz 1-0
Accepted variation in Queen`s Gambit was played in the game. Betul Yildiz chose the wrong plan and in the blundered a piece in one move. Her opponent used the mistake and game was finished in 24 moves.
Betul Yildiz: I don’t like my move Qc7 and my problems started from 16. Rc1 which I didn`t see actually. Of course I missed Bf3. Instead of 20…Ne4 I could have moved my rook but after Rc5 my position is already worse
Tan Zhongyi: My opponent gave me a big gift today – I was really lucky. I think c3 was a mistake but even plan with Qc7 seems not good.  I`m not used to prepare much. My opponent doesn’t play d5 so my preparation finished quite early.
On a free day we went to the park and I must say that the show was fantastic! I feel a little bit tired after the rest day but we had a good time.

IMG_2073.jpg Hou Yifan – Zhu Chen 1/2 – 1/2
French Defence Boleslavky variation happened in the game. Both players played solid and in the endgame agreed to make a draw by repetition.
Zhu Chen: I`ve got quite stable position, maybe White are slightly better but I`m not sure. After c3 I think I played not so bad. There are many different plans and ideas  fro White and Black in that position and its not easy to chose one but I finally I preferred Rg6, f6 and equalized more or less my position.
Hou Yifan: In the endgame we got typical pawn contracture for French defense and maybe White are slightly better. But it’s really difficult to improve my position.  Maybe in the endgame bishop against knight I have a bit better position but I’m not sure.
Zhu Chen: I`m glad to have a new dress (laughing). I liked the excursion very much: there were a fresh air and nice views in the mountains. It was not tiring for me. During October Festival all families gather together, eat a moon cake and look at the sky to the moon.  I was very impressed with the show, I felt very proud that Chinese made such a performance with many interesting ideas.
Hou Yifan: I really like the visit to the park - it was very interesting for me. We didn’t have time to visit all places, so I hope to come back there in the future.

IMG_2018.jpg IMG_2093.jpgRuan Lufei – Ekaterina Kovalevskaya 1-0
Sicilian Defense was played in the game. On 15th move opponents changed the queens and entered the endgame.  In the ending rook against two pieces White managed to convert their advantage into full point.
Ruan Lufei: In the opening my opponent overlooked my move e5. After that I got an advantage but I didn’t play accurately and made some mistakes. Maybe it was better to play Bd3 instead of c3, so she would not have a chance to play f5 because of Bf5. I overlooked e4 or better to say I underestimated this move. Still the endgame rook against bishop and knight should be better for me. My opponent committed a big mistake after – she exchanged h pawns. Definitely she had to keep these pawns because after that I didn’t have chances to lose, so I was really happy after that exchange. If she keeps it maybe sometimes she can capture the pawn and get a pass pawn. Under the time pressure she overlooked Rb8 and after that I thought I was winning.
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: I blundered in one move, so it was very unpleasant to play after. I was trying to play for win today but unfortunately it didn’t happen.
Ruan Lufei: The free day was really nice! I like my dress and my mother told me that the color and the material of my new dress are very good. Excursion was really nice but if we have more time there it might be even better. So I hope to have another chance to visit the park in the future.
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: It was very interesting for me to visit a silk company; of course every woman would like it. When organizers are so attentive I feel very grateful. The organizers really wanted us to enjoy the free day but especially for me it would be better if the program would start a little bit later. Probably I’ll be not used to the time difference till the end of the tournament but I think it’s normal. 

DSC_8248.JPGViktorija Cmilyte – Bathhuyagh Munguntuul 0-1
Slav Defense, Three Knights Variation was played in the game. White received comfortable position but after the move f5 Black could receive a big advantage. Instead they didn’t play precisely and White got some drawish chances but made another mistake and lost the game afterwards.
Viktorija Cmilyte: I think I had some advantage from the beginning – I was satisfied with my position. During the game I simply made some blunders in one move. I lost my knight on g4,  I should not let her to play f5. I thought there would be something in that position, so maybe I made a mistake earlier. Some moves later after I gave my knight I believe the position became about equal again. Of course g3 was another blunder but instead of that I could continue by playing Qg7 Kf5 Qh7 Ke6 Qh5 but its obvious I’m playing for draw in that position. It would be the same position as in the game but in that position I have an extra pawn.
Bathhuyagh Munguntuul: I had an idea to play h5 or f5, so after she played 40. Qa4 I was glad I had a move 41…f5. Maybe instead of taking the knight on g4 I could play first 42…Qd4. In the end I had to play precisely because I’m a piece up but my opponent had good chances to make a draw. 35.Qb4 was an interesting move 35...Rd5 36.ed Qb1 37.Qe7 and if I play 37… f5 then 38.Qe8 fg 39.Rf7 and I thought it was better for White.
Viktorija Cmilyte: I was participating in the first part of the program. We visited a fashion company which produces clothes from silk. I liked their dresses very much. I didn’t go to the park but I had a chance to visit Shenzhen, to walk around. I like it very much.
Bathhuyagh Munguntuul: I liked an excursion and concert was really impressive.
DSC_8257.JPGJu Wenjun – Elina Danielian 0-1
Reti Opening happened in the game. Black equalized the position from the opening and after queens exchange entered the endgame which about equal. White made few mistakes and Black managed to win the game.
Ju Wenjun: The opening was ok, and then we changed queens and entered the endgame. It was complicated: Black had some tension and maybe I didn’t play accurate.
Elina Danielian: In the opening I didn’t have problems. I came without home preparation because I realized that clear mind is much better than my preparation. I think White should not go for Queens exchange because the pawn structure of Black is much better. Afterwards I could slowly increase my position but I didn’t have any special advantage.
Elina Danielian: A free day was nice we had a good time. I managed to win after free day finally, so it was good rest for me.
Ju Wenjun: I liked the free day, I really enjoyed the Chinese traditional show and walk in the park.

IMG_2066.jpgAnna Muzychuk – Zhao Xue 1/2 – 1/2
Scotch Defense happened in the game. White received an advantage and had good chances to win the game in the rook endgame but Black managed to defend their position.
Zhao Xue: The same opening happened in my game against Ruan Lufey during the World Championship last year. I think I played Ne7 but during the game I wanted to change something so I played Be6 but maybe its not a good move, I’m not sure. I made a mistake by playing 28…f5. I had to play Rd8 first and then take a bishop. I think after that it almost equal for me.
Anna Muzychuk: I’ve played the line with Qf3 once before and I knew the game Zhao Xue against Ruan Lufei. 7.Bc4 was played instead of 7.Nc3. After 7.Nc3, Be6 is the main move but later on I don’t think Black had to play c5 and c6 because I received some extra time and managed to create some play on the King’s side. I always had some chances to win during the game.
Anna Muzychuk: During the rest day all players visited a factory and got very nice dresses. Afterwards we visited a very beautiful park which was quite big, so we didn`t have enough time to see everything but I really like it.
Zhao Xue: of course I liked my dress and my mother told me the material of the dress is very good for the skin. An excursion to the park was also nice and I really like it.
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