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Round 4 report
Saturday, 10 September 2011
Two Chinese players Zhao Xue and Hou Yifan made a quick draw and kept their leading positions after round 4. Anna Muzychuk won the game against Yildiz Betul and joined the group the leaders. Ju Wenjun and Ruan Lufey won their games against Zhu Chen and Elina Danielian accordingly.  Matches Ekaterina Kovalevskaya - Viktorija Cmilyte, Munguntul Bathhuyag - Tan  Zhongyi were drawn today. The victories of Black outnumbered White’s success with 3 to 0. 018DSC_6726.jpg

Ekaterina Kovalevskaya – Viktorija Cmilyte 1/2  - 1/2
Ekaterina Kovalevskaya: I think the critical moment was after Qf6…It was not easy to play because I still had the previous game in my mind when I didn’t make a draw in one move. I didn’t play very accurate – the position was unpleasant for me after Qf6 but I decided to enter slightly worse endgame hopping that I’ll play at least quicker. Instead of Nd4 I was thinking of playing Nh4 and b3. I think b3 was a correct move but I like to play position with unequal material, so I didn’t let her to take on a1. In the rook endgame I had to play a3 and gave up a pawn because it’s the only chance to make a draw. I wanted Black to get pass pawn on “a” file, so I counted I could make a simple draw if I don’t create something special again (laughing). It’s holiday today – I didn’t get into the time trouble! I was impressed by myself! Viktorija should remember how many mistakes we made in our previous games playing without time. We played many games and  long time after the games I saw 38, 39 moves in my dreams (laughing).
Viktorija Cmilyte: Black managed to equalize the game – it is a quite famous variation. I didn’t have any problems after Qf6. After b3 I would take on a1 and change the queen for two rooks. Maybe b4 was also possible to play and I could continue Qb2. Black created some little problems for White, so they had to be careful. After Nd4 I don’t think Black can get a big advantage. After we exchange bishops we entered the rook endgame and maybe I could improve my play there. Maybe I had to take on h4 because after White put their pawn on h5 I don`t have any chances to win.

DSC_7558.jpgZhu Chen – Ju Wenjun 0-1
Zhu Chen: The game was really complicated. I think I didn’t play very well. White probably had an advantage. I thought after Bg1 it was not easy for Black to attack but they found some ideas.
Ju Wenjun: I used to play such position but it’s very hard to develop them because every move is very important one and it’s easy to spend lots of time and got into time trouble. The game was really complicated – it was possible to lose or win it but not to make a draw.

Betul Yildiz – Anna Muzychuk 0-1
Betul Yildiz: I prepared this variation against Anna because she used to play this line before. Later on I played a bit passive and made a mistake by playing 29.Rd1. I had to defend bad position in the endgame.
Anna Muzychuk: From the opening White didn’t have any problems but even in the endgame it was quite difficult to win. I think White had to play c4 instead of Nd3 in the opening and some exchanges could follow. This position was about equal. After she missed that opportunity I preferred Black’s position which was slightly better.

019DSC_6730.jpgElina Danielian – Ruan Lufey 0-1
Ruan Lufey: My preparation finished before Bf4. I saw the game which was played by Nagi from India one month ago but actually I didn’t prepare it this morning. I remembered that the compensation was enough after c5. Later on I didn’t play very well
Elina Danielian: I was trying to play for win today because I always play for win. The game was really complicated I think the position was winning for White in one moment but I had to check it. Instead of Bf5 I was also calculating Nf5 Qc5 Rfc1 and there I didn’t like the move Nh5. I was not sure about all the variations but Nd6 was an interesting move. I could simply play Nd3 after d3 but I didn`t want to play like that. I had a piece up and I wanted to use it. Maybe instead of 26.Qd4, 26.Rb4 was stronger…

017DSC_6714.jpgMunguntuul Bathhuyag - Tan Zhongyi 1/2 – 1/2
Tan Zhongyi: in the opening  Black had some weaknesses in their position. It was not easy to equalize the position. In the endgame she felt she had some advantage but probably it was not enough. Maybe I could take White`s pawn on “a” file earlier. I wanted to play Ra2 but then I changed my mind. I didn`t see it was winning line after that move.

Munguntuul Bathhuyag: I had feeling I was worse in the endgame – instead of Ke5 she could have played Ra2 and threaten to play f2, Bf3 and bring her king to e3. At first I thought Ke5 is also good move but then I found Rd1…. Which saves my position. Maybe I should not change queens and play Qf2 instead of Qe3. Even after we changed queens my position was nice. She didn`t need to play h5 I think it `s not a very good mov because her pawn on h5 is weak, I think she could choose c4.
 Zhao Xue – Hou Yifan 1/2 –1/2
Quick draw in 15 moves was played by Chinese players in Catalan. Probably both leaders decided to keep their positions before the first rest day.

Report was prepared by Anastasiya Karlovich

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