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Press-conference of Chairman of the FIDE trainers commission GM Adrian Mikhalchishin
Friday, 16 September 2011


Adrian Mikhalchishin: I think Hou Yifan is the only woman, who can compete with the men in future!
After the start of the 8th round Chairman of the FIDE trainers commission GM Adrian Mikhalchishin made a press-conference for Chinese journalists devoted to the problems of chess trainings.  Journalists had a chance to ask some questions concerning training process, historical comparison between such famous women players like Maya Chiburdanidze, Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan and perspectives of the match between Hou Yifan and Humpy Koneru.

Question: Is there any difference between women and men trainings?

Adrian Mikhalchishin: Of course there is a difference. The first part of preparation is the opening preparation. Men are very much concentrated on some opening lines and they are checking their variations like crazy. I can compare them to miners who are just digging in different directions; they try to find something in the end. Women preparation is completely different – first of all they have to say if they like the position or not. If woman player gets the position which she likes playing against man player, man will have big problems. When woman likes something – it’s winning strategy.  Women usually don’t go into details because they have different memory. You can not convince any girl to remember 30 moves otherwise you lose your job and she will find another trainer (laughing). They have completely different attitude. Many people believe that women tennis is more interesting compare to men tennis. The same in chess women’s games are more interesting than men’s games sometimes. Of course there are more tactics in women’s games.

Question: Is it any difference between the preparation to normal tournament of Women`s FIDE Grand Prix?

IMG_2381.jpgAdrian Mikhalchishin: The role of general preparation plays a big role in Women Grand Prix. The only person who shows stable results in a long distance of all Grand Prix tournaments has a chance to win it. The winner of Grand Prix is a real World Champion. Hou Yifan became a winner of Grand Prix and also won World Championship in my opinion she is double World Champion. She proved to be the strongest. Soon she will play the match with Koneru. Hou Yifan looks more stable psychologically, as she can perform well even under stress and in uncomfortable situations. This means she has one of the important champion abilities: To be able to suffer and not crack under the pressure. Also on her side are the positive results from all her last encounters against Humpy. Humpy Koneru She is preparing extremely seriously for this encounter against one of the most talented Women's World Champions since Maya Chiburdanidze. A great deal depends more on practical pre-match preparations: she simply needs to be in good form. Her last tournament results were highly unsuccessful, but they just show the pressure she is under. Additionally, she has complicated relations with her national Federation. That said, she has changed radically in the last two years, and has become much more social, to he point where smiles have started to show on her face. Her different Indian outfits are really masterpieces, compared to the sports uniforms Hou Yifan mostly wears. I saw the last FIDE Grand Prix in Doha and I must say I had a feeling on how Koneru woke up after her disastrous start while all events around were just in her favour. It`s not easy to evaluate the chances in the match. On the surface, the situation looks to be much more favourable for Hou Yifan, but in a match, when players will sit one against another, things can change considerably. Especially, if Koneru is able to forget her bad memories from her games against Hou Yifan.

Question: Can you describe and compare the greatest women talents in chess?

IMG_2375.jpgAdrian Mikhalchishin: First of all I want to mention Maya Chiburdanidze. She has fantastic talent, in the World there was no another talent like her.  It’s difficult to compare the best times of Judit Polgar, Maya Chiburdanidze and Hou Yifan. They are children of their own times, every period has its own heroes. These players are products of the chess development. Maya was the greatest product of Georgian chess school.  She was the first women who played in the men’s level. Judit Polgar and her sisters are result of 90s. The chess changed at that period: more information, more possibilities to train with different trainers appeared, so it started to be possible to get different kind of knowledge. Judit also had more sportive attitude toward chess. Hou Yifan is a child of computer era. She plays extremely technically. Women World Champion plays Spanish defense on the highest men level. She has a very big power and I can say that she develop women chess on a higher level. Hou Yifan is analog of Magnus Carlsen in women chess – their style and methods are similar. The only problem she has is a weak physical preparation. If any Georgian Women play could run 100 meters and survive they would always keep World Champion title!  Right now she is stable on one level and I expect that if she can make a “jump” her next task will be to challenge for men title because I think Hou Yifan is the only woman, who can compete with the men in future!

Prepared by Karlovich Anastasiya

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