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Free day activities
Monday, 12 September 2011
On 11th of September the players enjoyed a day off. Most of the participants, trainers and organizers embarked on the rest-day’s activities but some of them preferred to stay in the hotel and relax before the next games. The organizers of the Grand Prix launched some special agenda for the participants. In the morning 12 players visited one of the sponsors of the tournament. – Xiang Yun Sha. It is a fashion company which makes clothes from special silk called xiang yun sha. It is intangible cultural heritage of China. The sponsor provided with dresses and flowers each player.
Xiang Yun Sha-176.JPG
All players wear special dresses provided by the sponsor.

After the launch all participants and accompanies got a chance to visit the Oct East Theme Park. It is a theme park that was opened in summer of 2007, but it's a bit hard to place it into a certain category. OCT is one of the biggest real estate companies in Shenzhen. They managed to buy an area of about 9 square kilometres in the east of Shenzhen. The main attractions are the three major theme parks: Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Wind Valley. There is also a huge golf course, hotels and real estate.
All participants could enjoy special performances.
In the Chinese lunar calendar tradition, the seventh, eighth and ninth months comprise autumn. During fall, the skies are commonly clear and cloudless and the nights crisp and sharp. In these night sky conditions, the moon appears to be the brightest. These days the festival celebrates the moon's appearance as the brightest and most beautiful throughout the year. The holiday appeared to be during Grand Prix, so all guests could follow the tradition and enjoy the moon during the evening. It is usual here to spend time with your friends and family and sit outside under a starless sky, gazing at the moon. Enjoying the moon is an ancient tradition in China going back nearly 1,400 years.
Participants of Grand Prix during the photo shooting.

Besides the obvious, moon-gazing, Chinese families celebrate by getting together and eating. After all excursions everybody could enjoy the dinner in a restaurant. Zhu Chen and her parents during the dinner.
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Report was prepared by Karlovich Anastasiya

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